IDE and Build Tool Contributions

Contributing to IDE and Build Tools

The links below are to a number of Scala build and IDE related projects that are important in the larger Scala space, and which welcome contributions.

Since these tools are in separate projects, they may (and likely will) have their own rules and guidelines for contributing. The Hacker Guide and Bug-fixing pages will likely have much in the way of related information on how to contribute to these projects, and are recommended reading. You should also check the and (if it’s present) files from the actual projects before contributing to them.

Typically, issues for these projects will be reported and kept in the github project issue tracker for that project rather than in the Scala project JIRA. Many of these projects have a gitter channel (usually listed in the README or CONTRIBUTING documents) which is a great place to discuss proposed work before commencing.

There are some projects in this section that are in particular need so please check those out if you would like to help revive them.

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sbt logo


Interactive build tool.

Home | Issues | ReadMe | Contributing

scala logo

Scaladoc Tool

(Contribute through scala/scala)

Home | Issues | ReadMe | Contributing

scala IDE logo

Scala IDE

The Eclipse Scala IDE project.

Home | Issues | ReadMe | Contributing

dbuild logo


Multi-project build tool.

Home | Issues | ReadMe | Contributing

scala logo


Scala Compiler/Library Testing

Home | Issues | ReadMe

ensime logo


Scala Support for Text Editors

Home | Issues | ReadMe | Contributing

scoverage logo


Scala code coverage tool

Home | Issues | ReadMe | Contributing

scala logo


Lint tooling for Scala

Home | Issues | ReadMe | Contributing

Projects in Particular Need

The following projects are important to the Scala community but are particularly in need of contributors to continue their development.

scala logo


Scala Decoder (part of scala/scala)

Issues | ReadMe | Contributing

white line


Scala code formatter

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