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Version 2.10 of the maven-scala-plugin is released

The Maven and Scala team is pleased to announce version 2.10 of the maven-scala plugin. This release contains several fixes and enhancements, please read below for more.

  • FIX - doc goal now behaves like compiler when looking for scala version.
  • FIX - test source directory parameter (testSourceDir) is now added to the testSourceDirectories (instead of compile source directories).
  • ENHANCEMENT - Added support for executing scalac plugins.
  • ENHANCEMENT - Added support for optional forking of scalac.
  • ENHANCEMEMT - Added support to turn off sending Java source to scalac.
  • ENHANCEMENT - Plugin now detects multiple versions of scala library in transitive dependency list and issues a warning / fails the build.
  • ENHANCEMENT - org.scala-lang and org.scala-tools artifacts are now available from Maven Central Repository!!!!

Special thanks to David Bernard and Arnaud Bailly for making this release possible!


Also note that as part of the scala 2.8.0 nightlies (and subsequent release), the scalap and partest libraries will be available in the scala-tools maven repository


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