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Siemens boosts productivity using Lift and Scala

On March 4, Siemens announced the availability of Enterprise Social Messaging Experiment (ESME), an application based on the Lift WebFramework and Scala. ESME is an Open Source tool designed by Siemens IT Solutions and Services together with SAP Community specialists. The product is aimed at boosting productivity in enterprises with efficient social networks.  Richard Hirsch, project manager for ESME at Siemens says "ESME helps to build communities and thus fosters efficient, company-wide communication between employees".

Darren Hague, SAP Mentor and ESME team lead briefly explains here why the team chose Lift and Scala as the basis of this major application. You can learn more about the project background and the teams technical architectural decisions here.

You may like to try a version of the ESME user interface here or see the Siemens desktop implementation here.


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