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Scala at EDF Trading

A while ago Alex McGuire gave us an insight into Scala at EDFT, now Lee Momtahan goes public talking at the Commercial Users of Functional Programming meeting, CUFP 2009 in Edinburgh, about their experiences at Électricité de France Trading (EDFT). He is a member of a group developing applications for energy derivatives trading and pricing. He explains the benefits EDFT has gained by replacing a significant part of their 300,000 lines of Java code with Scala, DSLs and their impressions of Scala. You can find a summary of his talk here, his slides here and a video of the actual presentation here.

He summarizes by saying "We're using Scala for real work in a business critical situation and there is a lot of money at stake if we get it wrong. There are risks, but we have had no problems [with Scala]. For me a developer working at the coal face, the productivity improvements are massive."

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