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Scala Days Website โ€“ Call for Speakers

The Scala Days 2010 event is getting closer, and we are now busy organizing all the details. We received many compelling submissions for the First Scala Workshop, and all the signs point to a great upcoming event. We just opened the new Scala Days website, and the registration system is open as well: you can use the same account as the main Scala website to log in.

We are now also inviting proposals for technical talks, experience reports, and demonstrations. Please read below to find out more.


Scala Days 2010 – Call for speakers

As part of Scala Days, we will host a series of Technical Talks, Experience Reports, and Tool Demonstrations. We invite proposals from interested speakers who would like to present their work experience with Scala, or give a demonstration of their project or tool in front of a live audience; who would like to describe the technical inner working of their Scala projects and the tools and techniques they used to achieve their goals, or discuss Scala technical topics of interest to the community.

We invite proposals for:

  • Technical talks:
    • projects, tools, frameworks
    • programming techniques, libraries, compiler plugins, language extensions
    • other technical topics of interest to the Scala community
  • Experience reports:
    • applications of Scala in industrial or academic contexts
    • language applications, DSLs, custom-designed libraries
    • integration in existing industrial environments
    • cost/benefit analyses, studies, results
    • experiences on Scala in education, teaching, research
  • Demonstrations:
    • tools, applications, services, etc.
    • IDE integration, code development tools, programming facilities
    • interoperability with other languages or runtime environments
    • proofs of concept of projects in progress

To submit your proposal

Please prepare an abstract of your talk (less than 1000 characters), and submit it using the following link:

You may have to log in first; your usual Scala-lang account details will work.


If you already submitted a paper to the First Scala Workshop, you do not need to resubmit: your paper will be considered for additional talks as well. We will welcome submissions until 11 February 2010, and we will notify all speakers by 17 February 2010. 

We look forward to your proposals!

Important Dates

Proposals due: Thursday, Feb 11, 2010 (24:00 in Apia, Samoa)
Notification: Wednesday, Feb 17, 2010
Registration deadline: Tuesday, Mar 30, 2010
Scala Days 2010: Thu & Fri, Apr 15-16, 2010


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