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Scala Training

More Scala training in Europe and Mountain View, California, USA. The courses are designed to be a fast way for an experienced Java programmer to start coding in Scala. These courses are excellent for developers or systems architects wanting to learn about Scala and need to understand how it can fit into their development tool-bag

The European courses have been designed by Martin Odersky and will be delivered by him and Iulian Dragos, while the course in the USA is given and designed by Bill Venners and Dick Wall.

You can find more about the courses and how to register on the Scala Solutions site.

Next courses are available in:

  • London 6-7 December 2010, Skills Matter
  • Lausanne,20-21 Jan 2011 Scala Solutions
  • Mountain View, California, Jan 19-21 Jan 2011 Artima
  • Paris, 31 Jan - 1 Feb 2011, Xebia
  • Stuttgart, 13-14 Jan 2011 WeigleWilczek
  • Stockholm 17/18 Feb 2011 Jfokus

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