package sabbus

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Type Members

  1. class Break extends Task

  2. case class CompilationFailure(message: String, cause: Exception) extends Exception with Product with Serializable

  3. trait CompilationPathProperty extends AnyRef

  4. class Compiler extends AnyRef

  5. class ForeignCompiler extends AnyRef

  6. class Make extends Task with TaskArgs

  7. class ScalacFork extends ScalaMatchingTask with ScalacShared with TaskArgs

    An Ant task to compile with the new Scala compiler (NSC).

    An Ant task to compile with the new Scala compiler (NSC).

    This task can take the following parameters as attributes:

    • srcdir (mandatory),
    • failonerror,
    • timeout,
    • jvmargs,
    • argfile,
    • params.

    It also takes the following parameters as nested elements:

    • src (for srcdir),
    • classpath,
    • sourcepath,
    • bootclasspath,
    • extdirs,
    • compilerarg.
  8. class Settings extends AnyRef

  9. trait TaskArgs extends CompilationPathProperty

  10. class Use extends ScalaMatchingTask

Value Members

  1. object Compilers extends DefaultMap[String, Compiler]