Scala 2.10.5

Released March 05, 2015. See all releases.

Release Notes

For a summary of important changes, see the GitHub release notes.
(Or consult our archive of older release notes.)

Ways to Install This Release

Other resources

You can find the installer download links for other operating systems, as well as documentation and source code archives for Scala 2.10.5 below.

Archive System Size
scala-2.10.5.tgz Mac OS X, Unix, Cygwin 28.54M
scala-2.10.5.msi Windows (msi installer) 60.02M Windows 28.63M
scala-2.10.5.deb Debian 24.50M
scala-2.10.5.rpm RPM package 24.86M
scala-docs-2.10.5.txz API docs 3.66M API docs 32.45M
scala-sources-2.10.5.tar.gz Sources

Other Releases

You can find the links to prior versions or the latest development version below. To see a detailed list of changes for each version of Scala please refer to the changelog.

Note that different major releases of Scala 2 (e.g. Scala 2.11.x and Scala 2.12.x) are not binary compatible with each other. Scala 3 minor releases (e.g. 3.0.x and 3.1.x) follow a different compatibility model .


The Scala 2.10.5 distribution is released under the 3-clause BSD license.