Popular ways to connect with the Scala community include mailing lists, chat rooms, user groups, and conferences.

Mailing Lists

Scala has the following primary mailing lists.

The Scala mailing lists are covered by the Scala Code of Conduct.

  • Scala-User: the main forum for questions and discussions about the Scala programming (Archive at Gmane). In particular, newbie questions and programming experiences and questions should go to this list.

  • Scala-Language: the main forum for discussions and news about the Scala language (Archive at Gmane).

  • Scala-Announce: announcements of new Scala releases, packages and applications (Archive at Gmane).

  • Scala-Debate: a more relaxed list for questions and discussions (Archive at Gmane). In particular, the following should go to this list:

    • questions and suggestions around the future of Scala.
    • trails of discussions that started in scala but become too specialized to be of interest to most readers.
    • topics where you suspect that only a few people would be interested.
  • Scala-Tools: the main forum for discussions about the Scala tools contributed by the community (Archive at Gmane).

  • Scala-Internals: discussions about the core internal design and implementation of the Scala system. This list is mainly used by developers who commit code to the Scala code base, but it is open to the general public in the interest of transparency. Please only post new threads if you commit to the Scala code base, and you need to discuss the internals of the Scala system. Bug reports, feature requests, and general discussions should go to the other lists instead (Archive at Gmane).

  • Scala-XML: interest group devoted to the Scala XML infrastructure (Archive at Gmane).

  • Scala-SIPs: interest group devoted to the Scala Improvement Process (SIP) proposals.

The “Archive at Gmane” links include messages predating the migration to Google Groups.

Chat Rooms

There are two main Gitter channels for Scala:

  • scala/scala/scala-user: like the scala-user mailing list. Questions, general discussion, etc.
  • scala/scala: like the scala-internals mailing list. For Scala contributors to discuss language internals.

IRC users can chat about Scala anytime on the Scala IRC channel: irc://

User Groups

Find your local Scala user group on Scala Space.


See our events page.

Stack Overflow

Scala is an active topic on Stack Overflow, a very popular programmer Q&A site.

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