Zainab Ali joins the Advisory Board of the Scala Center as Community Representative

Thursday 14 March 2024

The Scala Center

We are delighted to welcome Zainab Ali as a new community representative to the Scala Center’s advisory board. Zainab brings a diverse range of experiences and a deep passion for Scala and its surrounding ecosystem. She will be serving alongside Eugene Yokota in the role of community representative. Both representatives are voting members of the board.

Zainab’s journey in the Scala community includes:

  • Contributing to various functional programming libraries.
  • Educating and mentoring others, empowering developers to leverage Scala’s capabilities.
  • Speaking frequently at Scala conferences and participating in program committees.
  • Facilitating meaningful discussions within the community.
  • Being the driving force behind the London Scala User Group.

Beyond her technical contributions, Zainab has been a vocal advocate for diversity and inclusion in the community. Her tireless efforts to create a more welcoming and equitable environment perfectly align with the values and mission of the Scala Center.

As a Community Representative, Zainab will serve as a spokesperson for the Scala community, ensuring that diverse perspectives are represented and community voices are heard at Advisory Board meetings. Please join us in welcoming Zainab Ali to the Center’s advisory board. We look forward to collaborating with Zainab as we continue to shape the future of Scala together.

Did you know? Advisory Board members are eligible to submit project proposals that they believe the Scala Center should work on. As part of the board, the community is invited to submit proposals through the Community Representatives. Check out the proposal template or previous proposals.

Reminder: all the Scala Center quarterly reports and board meeting notes are public. You can find them here. You can also find the current Scala Center roadmap in this blog post.